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Kerry Lawton: Multimedia Artist

I have always had a propensity for creativity and, to that 

end, pursued a degree in Fine Art years ago​; but "artist"

is a moniker that I have only recently begun to embrace. 

Circumstances landed me in the field of antiques for

many years and it seemed like a decent fit for awhile,

but human nature being what it is, I found myself with the  

need to create--to actually make art, rather than merely

appreciate that which others had made. Owing to a great

affection for Halloween, much of my imagination has been fostered by the natural cycle of life, death, and decay. I began to create creatures and artwork dedicated to the things that go bump in the night. That was followed by producing a line of greeting cards featuring my photographs and some of my creatures. Here I present a

window into my world and I thank you for taking the time

to look around.

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