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Full disclosure:

I have a compulsion to add text to photographs that I see on the Internet--or just about anywhere, for that matter. Sometimes I'll make a composite photo to further a narrative, but, often, the photo simply speaks to me and it's clear what the caption should be. Frequently, this hits me right away and I have to stop everything I'm doing to create a meme. I generally do this for my own amusement, but I also have added captions to family and friends' photos for use as holiday greetings, birthday cards, get well, and thank you cards as well.

Camo Bug
Terry the Pirate
Monkey Stuff
Iguana Get to Know Ya
There, there
Endangered Ankles
Receding Habitat
Hamster Bets
Scientific Study
Straight Talk
Pug Life
Bear Necessities
Bond Villain
Toaster Limerick
Dogpark Doofus
Existential Cat
Owl Be Seeing You
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