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I was absolutely driven to create these scarecrows and creepy corpses for Horseman's Hollow in Sleepy Hollow, NY. The scarecrows are a throwback to the classic jack-o-lantern-headed scarecrows from yesteryear, but with plausibly anthropomorphic bodies so they look as though they might step away from their duties and chase you. The corpses are my take on the No Evil triplets (Speak No, Hear No, and See No). Made from wire, PVC pipe, and sheer will, these creatures represent my dedication to and appreciation of all things Halloween.

Many of these photos can be purchased here.

Guardians of the Gate
Sleepy Hollow Scarecrow
Thomas at Sunset
Speak No Evil at Sunset
Sleepy Hollow, NY Clock Tower
The Whole Gang
Speak No and Friend
Scarecrow Stare
Up to Something
Hear No Evil
See No Evil
Meeting in the Mist
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